Author Archive: Luis Felipe Sexto

Mechanical Engineer, with a Master's degree in Maintenance Engineering, International Consultant, Professor, Discloser, Analyst and Speaker in Maintenance Engineering, Risk Management and Business Organization. Member of the European Technical Committee CEN/TC 319 - Maintenance and CEN/TC 348 Facilities Management. Member of the technical committee "Manutenzione" of the Ente Italiano de Normazione (UNI). Recognized in the professional cast of the Associazione degli Esperti di Manutenzione Certificati (Asso. E. Man.), the Associazione Italiana dei Responsabili ed esperti di Gestione di Progetto (ASSIREP, n. 258, Nivel PM 7), member of the Italian Institute of Project Management (ISIPM). Certified with the highest level (N 3) in the area of Maintenance by the Centro Italiano per le prove non distruttive e per i processi industriali (CICPND, n. 191/MAN/C). Founder and Chairman of Radical Management.

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